Reduce Workload with Classware Systems

Reduce Workload with Classware Systems

Classware Generates Revenue

Our clients typically receive tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, processed through the web store while the offices are closed! Participants and payers can conduct business at their convenience.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Manage your data anywhere with an internet connection!! Reduce cost and turn overhead into revenue. System includes unlimited users so your entire staff can have access to information 24/7!


Classware automation is the next level for e-commerce, especially where big-ticket products with installment billing that may involve multiple paying parties.  Whether it’s free, fixed-fee, or billed over time, Classware automation will dramatically improve the bottom line.  The ROI is amazing!!

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Our clients include public school districts, colleges, universities, continuing education

Account Management

Account Management

  Classware automation manages simple to compound / complex transactions

Amazing Return On Investment

Financial Reporting

Have the information you need for an efficient audit! View

Classware automation is flexible and is used across a wide range of program types

* Continuing Education – Conferences and Certifications

* After School Programs – Extended School Day and Camps

* Vocational Programs – ESL and Career Technical Education

* Fundraising – Crowd Funding and Contributions

Automate Administrative Tasks

Automated Billing – Installments, Account Aging

Reduce Data Entry

Automation in Web Store through MyAccount
Electronic Statements
Multi-Payer Power Tools – Payer Invitation, Compound Statements

Generate Revenue

Easy Tools to Collect Registration Fees

Automation Without Redundancy

Reduce cost, improve efficiency and accuracy.  Automation is the key to efficiency.  With Classware, the participants can set up their accounts, register for courses, set up payment schedules and make payments without any staff involvement.

Total Automation for the Business of Education!!

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Classware Provides Flexibility to Education

With the Classware v3 System Instructors have their own user type so that they can record attendance from anywhere.  And with custom schedules classes don’t have to be on the same day or time every week.  Schedule YOUR way and track time YOUR way.  Present, Absent, Tardy and PLUS time is the flexibility you need for Instructor to break away from the chains of conventional attendance reporting systems.


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Classware v3 has the flexibility and automation schools need to run an efficient administration.  Let us show you in an online demo!  We are here to serve you and help your Administration turn OVERHEAD INTO REVENUE!!

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